Nostalgic Foods

Cedar Rapids Eats isn’t just about restaurants, it’s about eating in and around Cedar Rapids. With that said here are two glorious finds since we moved here.

2016-02-19 21.03.55Cheese filled hot dogs!!! Not only are these a throwback to childhood but I loved them as an adult charred on the grill. The last I remember eating these was maybe around 2010. And then they disappeared! Online research revealed a very regional sales map for these. For some reason they were no longer available nationwide but scaled back to the Midwest. So I was thrilled to see them on the shelf at Hy-Vee. I bought them. Now I just need to get a grill to cook them on.

2016-02-19 22.12.21And this throw back to my college days!!! Oh did I love Mickey’s Big Mouths. Back then they had the grenade tops which I liked so much better.  But you know, change in the name of safety and all that. (The internet talks about Mickey’s being called green grenades because of the bottle shape. WRONG. Before they went to screw-on caps they had a unique pull tab with a ring like a hand grenade. You pulled the ring up and the cap would split into three sections). G. Heileman Brewing Company no longer exists, shed a tear, but it looks like their beer line up has been resurrected by Miller. I saw several of the line up at HyVee.