Daisy’s Garage

I discovered Daisy’s first on the internet by searching for all you can eat crab legs. I didn’t find AYCE crab legs but I did find a restaurant that served crab legs. And they have mudbugs!

Parking. Is a bitch. Let’s just say it is tight and limited behind the restaurant. I didn’t feel like parking on the street. We had to circle around a few times before a spot opened up. When we got inside it was a 30 minute wait.

The ambiance is perfect. Old garage decor of course. Staff uniform seems to be jeans and a flannel shirt. Tattoos and piercings are the norm here. The place is loud and full of energy. Every table seemed to be having a great time.

We wanted to order the corn bread loaf as an appetizer but it was sold out. I’m fortunate, or unfortunate if you consider the expense, that my kid loves crab legs. She can eat a pound or two by herself. I was tempted to get the steam pot and let her have the crab legs and I eat the rest. But she wanted her own with a side of mac and cheese. The Wife ordered the Fish and Chips. We both love fried fish fillets but they need to be cod or preferably haddock. She said they were delicious.

I was here for the crawfish though. God I love crawfish. I just said give me two pounds! Truthfully I can eat four. I used to when we’d go down to Tallahassee for dinner. And under eight bucks was a steal. They could have used a little more zing but they were still good. I’ll be coming back again and again for these.

We had a GREAT experience. and will definitely be coming back.

2016-02-26 19.27.18


Class Act

We had a business dinner to attend to at The Class Act restaurant inside the Kirkwood Hotel. As a former culinary student this is a pretty neat endeavor. The local community college, Kirkwood College, built a fancy schmancy hotel with a haute cuisine restaurant inside for its Hospitality and Tourism Program. Such an amazing opportunity for the students. I went to a similar place in Vermont once. I wish I had had such access and opportunity. Who knows, maybe I will again. Oddly enough not all of the staff were students.

We had a back room that was set up very nicely. Service was not the fastest but that was probably appropriate for this dinner though I would have liked my iced tea refilled sooner than it was. The butter roses were a nice touch.

Overall I wasn’t that impressed with the menu. Strange pairings to my mind but if the menu was created by culinary students, that’s par for the course. I would have liked the Preservation Board starter with duck pâté, pork rillettes, lox, and coffee pickled beets, but our hosts did not order an appetizer so we followed suit.

My wife ordered the venison medallions. They were pan seared served with a  pomme puree, and grilled carrots with bourbon fig glaze. I did not try it but she seemed to enjoy it. No pictures since I felt pulling out my phone for a quick pic would be rude considering the circumstances.

I had the Arctic Char. It was pan seared arctic char served on top of a  legume medley. On the side of that was a small spoon, like a salt spoon or demitasse spoon, that had a blob of herbed white wine jelly in the bowl. I wasn’t sure what to do with the jelly, maybe I was supposed to spread it on my fish, maybe I was supposed to stir it into my legumes. I stuck the spoon in my mouth and ate the jelly. I found it flavorless and the texture kind of gross. I’m not a fan of Jello either. Oh well, it was an experience.

Maybe it was because I’ve lived in the Deep South for a third of my life but I found the legume medley way undercooked. My Lima beans, butter beans, what have you, need to be soft. These were firm. Maybe they call it al dente. For me they were not edible. A shame since I really liked the medley of lentils, peas, and beans.

I really like Arctic Char. To me it’s a wonderful piece of fish, great  texture, wonderful flavor. Not a strong flavor. Really its the same as salmon to my palette, I could not tell the difference in a blind taste test. The piece was good, nothing fancy, nothing special. No complaints but kind of a let down when paired with something as exotic as a legume medley.

I’d like to try the menu again some time on my terms. I noticed they also have a fancy cocktail bar. The Kirkwood is in walking distance from our new house. Maybe it will become my neighborhood bar.