Don’t Call It a Comeback


Time to dust things off. I’ve been a way for awhile now. I apologize, to myself. I enjoy writing this and I miss it. Unfortunately for me, life often gets in the way. Let’s see if I can’t build some momentum though.


Daisy’s Garage

I discovered Daisy’s first on the internet by searching for all you can eat crab legs. I didn’t find AYCE crab legs but I did find a restaurant that served crab legs. And they have mudbugs!

Parking. Is a bitch. Let’s just say it is tight and limited behind the restaurant. I didn’t feel like parking on the street. We had to circle around a few times before a spot opened up. When we got inside it was a 30 minute wait.

The ambiance is perfect. Old garage decor of course. Staff uniform seems to be jeans and a flannel shirt. Tattoos and piercings are the norm here. The place is loud and full of energy. Every table seemed to be having a great time.

We wanted to order the corn bread loaf as an appetizer but it was sold out. I’m fortunate, or unfortunate if you consider the expense, that my kid loves crab legs. She can eat a pound or two by herself. I was tempted to get the steam pot and let her have the crab legs and I eat the rest. But she wanted her own with a side of mac and cheese. The Wife ordered the Fish and Chips. We both love fried fish fillets but they need to be cod or preferably haddock. She said they were delicious.

I was here for the crawfish though. God I love crawfish. I just said give me two pounds! Truthfully I can eat four. I used to when we’d go down to Tallahassee for dinner. And under eight bucks was a steal. They could have used a little more zing but they were still good. I’ll be coming back again and again for these.

We had a GREAT experience. and will definitely be coming back.

2016-02-26 19.27.18

Nostalgic Foods

Cedar Rapids Eats isn’t just about restaurants, it’s about eating in and around Cedar Rapids. With that said here are two glorious finds since we moved here.

2016-02-19 21.03.55Cheese filled hot dogs!!! Not only are these a throwback to childhood but I loved them as an adult charred on the grill. The last I remember eating these was maybe around 2010. And then they disappeared! Online research revealed a very regional sales map for these. For some reason they were no longer available nationwide but scaled back to the Midwest. So I was thrilled to see them on the shelf at Hy-Vee. I bought them. Now I just need to get a grill to cook them on.

2016-02-19 22.12.21And this throw back to my college days!!! Oh did I love Mickey’s Big Mouths. Back then they had the grenade tops which I liked so much better.  But you know, change in the name of safety and all that. (The internet talks about Mickey’s being called green grenades because of the bottle shape. WRONG. Before they went to screw-on caps they had a unique pull tab with a ring like a hand grenade. You pulled the ring up and the cap would split into three sections). G. Heileman Brewing Company no longer exists, shed a tear, but it looks like their beer line up has been resurrected by Miller. I saw several of the line up at HyVee.

Fieldhouse 1st Avenue

We went here because I had business next door at Scottrade. The restaurant was there, I knew it was there because we just had dinner at Osaka. And we needed to eat FAST because The Child was hangry!!!!


I thought The Fieldhouse was the same as Louie’s Scoreboard. They have very similar menus. But I was wrong. Not the same, might not even be related. The Fieldhouse is a classic local sports themed bar and grill. In this case the theme is Iowa Hawkeyes sports. Plenty of TVs to watch the games on. We were lucky enough to watch a replay of Kentucky vs. Missouri women’s gymnastics.

We started with a round of Cheddar Nuggets, thinking they were the same as the white cheddar curds at Louie’s Scoreboard. They were not but they were good. And added bonus, they came with a side of crinkle cut fries! I love love LOVE crinkle cut fries. I don’t know why I find them better than all other forms of fries. Perhaps it is the increased surface area that holds more salt, seasoning, and/or ketchup. We were tempted to get the Cheesy Bacon Fries because The Child was excited they were made with waffle fries. But alas, all waffle fry servings at The Fieldhouse have been converted to crinkle cut fries. I for one am not complaining,.

My wife got the simple Grilled Cheese. It was the biggest damn grilled cheese I have ever seen!2016-02-16 13.13.36

She said it was fantastic.

I ordered the Breakfast Burger. How do you make a bacon cheeseburger better? Put a fried egg on top!!!! It was divine! The yolk was under cooked but not terribly runny, just enough to blend with the melted cheese and make a near sauce. And it came with crinkle cut fries! Was I in heaven? No, Iowa.

2016-02-16 13.13.43


Our first meal in Cedar Rapids as full time residents!!!

Osaka Japanese Steak House and Sushi Bar

Since October 2015 when we decided we were moving, we have been looking forward to eating out in Cedar Rapids and being overwhelmed with choices. The evening of our arrival into town, not knowing a thing about what might be available, I asked The Child what she might want to eat for our first dinner. “Name me a food group, or flavor, or item, and I will try to find it.” Shockingly she picked Japanese. She doesn’t really like any Asian food.

A quick gander of Google maps showed at least five promising ones. We picked Osaka.

We had a little struggle finding the place. The address is on 1st Avenue SE, but it sits back in a small plaza off of 1st Avenue, at an angle, so approaching it from the SW it wasn’t easily visible from the road, especially with road grime crusted windows. But we finally got there. after a few u-turns.

The place is huge compared to what we were used to. Rose wanted hibachi-style dining and there must have been about a dozen grill tops. We were seated at a grill in the center of the room, just the three of us. At least four other parties were dining already.

The sushi menu was pretty standard compared to what we usually experience, but the teppanyaki menu was unlike any I had seen before. For starters, all of the teppanyaki meals were about $10 more on average per dinner than what we were used to. But that was OK, I was hoping the quality of the food justified the added cost. Never before have I seen tuna, salmon, tilapia, swordfish or mahi mahi has options for a hibachi dinner. I’ve never seen lobster as a combo option. I’ve never seen three beef options, filet, rib eye, NY strip.

The appetizers also were new to me. For example the Innovative Cheese Wontons, described as wontons filled with cream cheese, shitake mushrooms, and onion in sweet plum sauce. Or the Steak Skewers with smoked ketchup.

The Wife and I both started with sushi rolls. Not sure what she had, probably the Volcano Roll. I ordered the simple Spicy Tuna Roll. I was impressed with the presentation, beautiful in its simplicity. Each cut of the roll was pressed into a teardrop shape to resemble the petals of a flower. The center of the flower was formed with pickled ginger. And a small quenelle of wasabi served as a stem. For whatever reason we were not given chopsticks, which is fine for me because I always prefer to eat my sushi with my fingers. I also had half of my roll finished before the server returned with soy sauce. Which was fine because like the old imperial courts, I don’t use condiments either. My roll was excellent though as usual I would have preferred the tuna to be colder but that’s a personal sensory issue not a flavor issue.

While we were eating our sushi, The Child had ordered the shrimp tempura appetizer. I had told the server to go light on the tempura battered vegetables because the kiddo wouldn’t eat those and I didn’t want them to go to waste. She surprised me by bringing out only the shrimp. The Child loves tempura shrimp, the only thing in a Japanese restaurant I’ve known her to eat. BUT, she requires ketchup. The restaurant doesn’t stock ketchup. A fortunate packet of McDonald’s ketchup from the car saved the day.

I had ordered the miso soup, and my dinner came with soup and salad. So I ordered a second soup, the Clear Soup to try. I love miso soup,. I could drink a gallon of it warm from a Thermos bottle. This was as good as any I have had. The Child likes to pick out the tofu cubes and eat them. Instead of the usual medium dice of tofu cubes which are easy to pick out, Osaka uses a fine brunoise cut that pass right through the tines of a fork. The Clear Soup was described as a Japanese onion soup. It was not like a French Onion Soup. The Clear Soup was a wonderful flavorful broth that would challenge any chicken broth used for cold or flu relief. Shockingly The Child stole my cup of Clear Soup and finished the whole cup including the bits of mushrooms. She did leave behind the scallion tops. This never happens which reinforces how good the soup was. The salad was a typical iceberg lettuce smothered in ginger dressing. It was good but nothing noteworthy. The Wife and I were both impressed that there was no Ranch Dressing option, yum yum sauce instead

Our chef was Miguel. I really have to push past my racial biases regarding non-Japanese working in a Japanese restaurant. I went to culinary school. I’m not French but have a great Boeuf Bourguinon. You certainly don’t need to be Japanese to seat someone or take their sushi order. So what’s wrong with an Hispanic hibachi chef? Nothing. Just my age and preconceived biases. That said, Miguel wasn’t nearly as good or as entertaining as the older Asian chef at the table behind us. (And even he looked more Thai than Japanese to my eye).

I’m not sure what teppanyaki combination The Wife ordered. I ordered the steak (NY strip) and scallops. There were several difference from what we have experienced in the past. Instead of planks or sticks of zucchini, it was peeled and quartered. No yellow squash, broccoli florets instead. I don’t remember many places adding mushrooms but Osaka does. There was corn in the fried rice. The scallops were jumbo, maybe 3/4 inch thick, I think 5 of them.He butterflied them after searing on both sides. I’ve not seen that technique before and it made me feel like I had more scallops than I really did. Also new to us, all of our meats were sauced on the grill. Each one slightly different. For example, while the scallops were on the grill he covered them in what appeared to be soy sauce, yum yum sauce, and lemon juice. Then let them cook a while before serving on my plate. I’ve never seen this before. The wife and I also noticed there was nearly no use of salt and pepper, nor sesame seeds as we’ve experienced in the past.

Overall, service was dreadfully slow. We were there a LONG time. But it was a celebration of sorts. The food was excellent. The portions were HUGE. (So the extra $10 was justified). We both had enough leftovers to fill a to-go box each. Even the persnickety Child was pleased. I’d like to go back just to try some of the other appetizers. And of course to fulfill my sushi needs.