Cross Roads Bistro

I was in the mood for something new for breakfast. I remembered there was a small place up on J St. It used to be Willy Woodburn’s Cafe which was a very popular diner/cafe as I understand it. I never made it there before the owners retired and sold the restaurant.

The new name is Cross Roads Bistro. The first thing I noticed when I pulled into the parking lot was a glowing neon beer sign in the window and an unlit neon sushi sign. I immediately had second thoughts. Maybe I was at the wrong place? But it was open. I decided to go for it anyway.

Upon entering the front door there was a placard welcoming me to Cross Roads, serving Chinese, Thai, Sushi, American, and Breakfast food. Well that explained the sushi sign. The decor is worn but classic American diner on the right side, sushi bar on the left. There was only one other customer. Staff was cleaning and suggested I sit on the left side of the restaurant rather than at a table on the right side. I didn’t want to sit at the bar with the manager so that meant wedging myself into a tiny two top booth.

The menu looked good. Nothing jumped out at me for breakfast. They have an interesting take on eggs Benedict serving on biscuit halves instead of English muffins. Sounded very Southern to me. The lunch and dinner portion of the menu really intrigued me especially the Thai sections. Looking at the all female staff I noticed none of them looked remotely Asian so I wonder if the have at least different kitchen staff in the evening.

I opted for the Western Shipwreck. As I think I have explained before, a shipwreck seems to be the Iowa equivalent of the breakfast skillet. This was steak, green peppers, onion, black olives, hash browns, jack cheese, guacamole, salsa, sour cream. I had them hold the green peppers and guacamole. It appeared that they probably fried the steak on the flat top, then added the eggs because the eggs appeared to have been fried in a meat fat. Had that brown coloring to them, Extra flavor but not a pleasing aesthetic. I could hear her working the spatulas in the kitchen like she was making a Philly cheese steak sandwich. I think she was working my shipwreck because the eggs had a minced quality to them. Everything tasted great but not my favorite texture for eggs. I did appreciate the black olives were still cold. The marble rye was good though I wished buttered more. Oh well, I didn’t ask for any extra butter.

2017-08-31 09.11.48

I will definitely return. I want to try more breakfast items, especially an omelet. And I’m very interested in trying some of the Thai offerings.


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