Cancun Mexican Grill

While The Child was at practice last night we decided to use the opportunity to have Mexican for dinner because The Child hates Mexican food. Cancun Mexican Grill was our second foray into a Mexican restaurant. Our first was Los Compadres which was an outstanding experience.

Cancun Mexican Grill was busy which was a good sign. The bar was packed and most of the tables were occupied. We were seated in the back next to a large party celebrating grandma’s birthday. The decor was typical of any Mexican restaurant I have been in . Lots of orange and browns. The floor looked pretty worn and wasn’t the cleanest. The tables were pretty worn too.

Most of the tables around us were enjoying margaritas. I was surprised The Wife passed on one. Next time she said.

Looking at the menu the selections were not only different than Los Compadres but also different than what we are used to seeing. I looked for my  go to Chile Relleno and didn’t find it on the menu.

Chips and salsa were served. The chips were better than average. A lighter tortilla lightly salted. More like what Chili’s serves. The salsa was good. Some chunks of onion, not very hot but good flavor. We could have used more before our food came out.

The Wife loves a mess of nachos. What she calls “Slop.” She likes to get half and half beef and chicken, smother it in salsa and sour cream and then toss it like a salad until it’s a sloppy soggy mess. Rather than going with her usual though, The Wife ordered the Cabos Nachos. Not that dissimilar from her standard order but it came with only chicken, no beef, and a mango salsa. The Wife said the chicken was marinated and was by far superior to any chicken she’s had at a Mexican restaurant. She said there was the perfect amount of spiciness and it balanced perfectly with the sweetness of the mango salsa.

2016-03-30 19.17.26

I stumbled in my order. Usually I order a la carte because I’ve eaten so much bad Mexican food over the years. I just get an order of chile rellenos and beef tacos. I’m in long search for a taco like that of Mi Ranchito’s in Kalamazoo which was the absolute best greasy beef taco ever. I’m still searching. Not seeing rellenos on the menu I forgot to even look at the taco options and panicked when the server came to take my order. I said I wanted the Big Burrito, which isn’t on the menu, it’s at Taco Bell, and when the server got confused, I blurted out, “chimichangas, beef.”

The chimichangas were the same and different than every other order I’ve ever had. The side of rice and beans was exactly the same as everywhere, The burritos were not wrapped closed so I am confused as to how they deep fried them. Surely they didn’t pan fry them? The tortilla shell was also different. The same crispiness but a much darker color, almost as if whole grain. As usual the two chimichangas were topped with a lettuce salad with tomato, sour cream and guacamole. Everything seemed fresher. For example the lettuce was obviously cut from a head with a knife not bagged salad mix. And the guacamole was better than usual. Overall the chimichangas were excellent. I think the fact that they used beef tips made a huge difference.

2016-03-30 19.17.32

We greatly enjoyed our dinner at Cancun Mexican Grill. It’s good to know that not only do we have two go to restaurants for good food but that both Mexican restaurants, Los Compadres and Cancun have uniquely different menus.


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