The Breakfast House Cafe

We had been trying to go to The Breakfast House for several weekends but could never get in. It’s very small and on weekend mornings there was a 30-45 minute wait to get a table the times we had tried. There’s not even enough room inside to wait for a table. The Wife had a week day off from work and we were able to easily get a table Tuesday morning.

This restaurant is very old school to use a worn out phrase. I’m thinking like Mel’s Diner. The kitchen is in the dining area behind a half height wall. There’s only one guy slinging the spatula so don’t come here in a hurry but the wait for food to arrive was not long.

The Wife ordered the Country Fried Steak and Gravy. Being a Georgia Girl she did say the gravy was acceptable and she could order again. Whew! I’ve been worried about how to sate her biscuits and gravy needs.

I ordered the South of the Border Skillet. Next to omelettes, skillets are probably my next favorite breakfast item. I like big bold flovors. I used to do a lot of work in Texas. It was in Texas that I learned to like salsa and sour cream on my eggs. Before then I would have turned my nose up every time. I was thankful that this version of South of the Border skillet/omelette came with seasnoned beef. I’ve seen too many that were just suped up ham and cheese and even more that contained NO meat. WTF!

2016-03-01 09.09.42

Both of our breakfasts were excellent. Great place to eat on a weekday morning. A little harder on the weekend. Perhaps we should try getting there before 11am? LOL.



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