Los Compadres

We haven’t had good Mexican food since we left Michigan. You would think that in Georgia with a high Mexican population you’d be able to find good Mexican food every where. You’d be wrong. Sure, around the Atlanta area there is great Mexican food but not so in North Georgia. Strangely, all of the Mexican restaurants in the area had nearly the same menu.If you ordered by number you could use the same number everywhere you go. Our daughter HATED getting Mexican. She kicks, screams and pouts if we pull into a Mexican restaurant. And even I reached the point where I no longer wanted to eat it. So we were excited about the seemingly uncountable options for Mexican dining in Cedar Rapids.

I told The Child it was time, time to try a new Mexican restaurant. Odds were good we would find something in Cedar Rapids she would like. But we had to start with a first attempt for that to happen.  We went to Los Compadres because it was close by and we had driven by it so many times we knew where it was.

There was a line!!! A half hour wait. Sure it was Friday night but never before, at least not since I lived in Chicago, have I had to wait to be seated at a Mexican restaurant. And the wait wasn’t because this place was a rinky dink little restaurant.

Salsa and chips were quickly delivered. I deemed it good. I prefer chips that have a little salt crust on them. Freshly made even better. These were neither but still good. I liked the salsa. I’ve been tired of eating salsa that didn’t have any more personality than ketchup. And I do mean “eat.” I don’t dip, I scoop. I don’t have to have a chunky salsa but it has to have more body than… again ketchup. This salsa had personality. I like a good amount of heat. This salsa wasn’t hot. I wouldn’t even call it medium, but there was something there. As for the most controversial ingredient, cilantro, this salsa used it well. Though I could have used a little more.

My wife loves guacamole, especially fresh made-at-the-table guacamole. And this place does it! We always had to go to On the Border in Kennesaw to get such a thing. So of course we ordered it. It was quite good. It probably could have used a little more jalapeno. Maybe a little more lime. But it was my wife’s treat not mine. Technically, you’re supposed to eat guacamole fresh at fresh made room temperature. I cut against the grain and prefer my guacamole out of the refrigerator and ice cold.

2016-02-19 19.09.20

Other than a margarita, I don’t remember what The Wife ordered. The Kid Unit ordered… you guessed it chicken tenders and fries. But she LIKED it! That’s a first at a Mexican restaurant. I ordered the El Molcajetaso and my head exploded when it arrived. I have never sen anything like it!  The description was “chunks of pork, steak, chicken, chorizo and nopales, with our special salsa and fresh Mexican cheese. Served with rice and beans.” What came out was not at all what I expected.

El Molcajetaso

Just look at that awesomeness!!! My favorite part was the grilled green onions. They were amazing. I would have liked a little sour cream to go with my rolled tortillas. Next time. I ended up taking half home. My wife and I each got two meals out of this dinner. Another first for us for Mexican dining.

Back to the margarita. I don’t drink them. My wife is a connoisseur. At Los Compadres, servers carry a chilled bottle of white tequila around and top off drinks. Free. And they pour shots. Just tilt your head back and open your mouth. They’ll fill it up. FREE! No wonder this place was so popular and there appeared to be many regulars. Well and the food was outstanding. The service was top notch too. Our waitress, Jennifer, was in tune with Rose so that was a plus. We hit a home run on this outing. Even The Child said she’d go back.


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