I’m a former foundryman who after moving to north Georgia where there aren’t any foundries decided to go to culinary school. I’ve been languishing in small town Georgia for 10 years. In February 2016 we moved to Cedar Rapids. With so many places to eat here I thought maybe I’d start a blog of my dining experiences. What better way to explore the city than by food?

This is not a review site. No ratings, no deep criticism. Frankly I’m tired of the reviews “One star, server was rude.” So you had a bad server, it happens. That’s not enough to completely trash and pan a restaurant and it’s entire menu! I’ve eaten out many times, way more than I should, and I can’t truthfully say that there have been more than a few places I would NEVER go back. So let’s cut the crap.

I’m not a food critic. I’m just a guy who loves food, likes to eat and wants to share my experience, good, bad, or indifferent. I hope you enjoy.




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